Toddler bag Essentials

Toddler bag essentials

          The kid is 1 year old and not a baby anymore so you think of making beach plans, a day at the Mall, Short trips or a week’s vacation. You think you don’t have to carry the huge diaper bag that you used all year around. Nope, you are wrong, It has to be a bigger bag now!

          First, it is good if you choose a Back pack instead of a shoulder bag to make both your hands available, for the kid is anytime on the go! Two or more compartments in the bag is a must, you can even get a laptop bag since it provides an extra compartment. Mind you! the color of the bag has to be unisex so that the dad does not frown to share it. And before organizing your bag, you will need a few zip-lock bags.

          The compartment which is handy has to hold the Nappies alongside wipes, rash cream and some trash bags, all three in a zip-lock bag. 

          Place a water bottle which is non-spill the bottle holder on the sides. If there is another bottle holder, it can be used to hold your face tissues or mobile.

          Pack your kid’s favorite snacks in a zip-lock bag and you need to always carry one if you leave the house for more than three hours.

          If you are on a short trip or a vacation, you need to carry your kid’s basic cold, fever medicines, Band-Aid and an antiseptic.

          Decide on the set of clothing your kid would need for each day of the trip with three or more extra set of clothing. One zip-lock bag for each clothing with a diaper, it saves time choosing the kids clothes and if you are on a flight you can pick a zip lock bag and run to the changing room in a jiffy. A jacket, socks or hats depending on the place you are travelling to. You can keep the used clothes in a trash bag but neatly folded to save space.

          One or two of your kid’s favorite toys is a must. Like if your kid has the habit of holding a particular toy while sleeping, it’s a must to carry it in your bag. And may be some crayons and a couple of story books or an iPad to keep the kid busy

          And lastly, find a small pocket to fill your essentials like your wallet, sunglasses, keys, hair-clips, and maybe a pen.

          Plan each day of your trip and list the things you will need well in advance. Organize your bag neatly and make it comfortable for you to pick whatever you need and keep you stress-free in your trip. Happy Travelling!


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  1. We moved to a backpack for our toddler. So much easier. Plus he loves to carry it. I have found that keeping some snacks and extra outfit work best for our family as well.

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  2. Organizing the kids bag is so important..We have travelled a lot with our kid, who will be turning3 and with every trip, I feel his backpack size is getting large.. Now he wants some of his toys also to accompany, lol. Good list!

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