Story of a spoiled Kid

          Before I start rambling, you have to accept it people! I am not alone here, I believe most of you are with me under this category.

Silentgabber          You may be a person who beams with pride, that you are a grown up independent woman, Self-thinking person who knows to spend and save and that you can manage your home on your own from choosing the best flooring to buying a door mat . But later you go bury your head under a pillow and cry your eyes out and scream “I am NOT any of these”. If you are a person who has never lived on your own in your entire lifetime, you are the world’s most vulnerable creatures when you start to head a home.

          When someone (the husband, actually) observes you for a few days an640-05761331d says that you are a spoiled kid, you just fume with anger that your nerves pop out. Since you think you have been doing all your work yourself throughout your life. But in-fact the things you have done all by yourself are eating, giving yourself a bath and putting your clothes on, may be even in those, your mom would have had herself involved at times.

Spoildkidlaundry          Do you remember the times you yelled at your mom when the favorite shirt of yours was not ironed when you needed it???  But little did you know that before it is being ironed it has to go through a three step process, washing, drying it, not forgetting that your clothes are drying, then getting it ironed and most of all placing it back in the closet. Now its time for you to do your own laundry, so the first day you forget to dry the clothes, second day you dry them but forget to get them back home and a heavy downpour soaks them like a tissue. Finally, if you get to bring it home, it just lies on a chair in your bedroom forever.

spoiledkidcooking          You can non-stop talk about your adventurous cooking experiences. You have your kitchen stocked with a variety of lentils, not even knowing which is what, Google may have helped you here. You thought that you have the internet, the YouTube, the various cooking apps and you are no less than a Cook and start-off with chopping a tomato and find out that it is quite solid than it looks while you spot  blood in your knife. Only then did you know that you have been trying to chop your finger. Now you console yourself that it was the first day at the kitchen and you promise yourself to make a four course meal the next day, and it is already 5 years since.

Young man washing floor in protective gloves          So, never marry a person who is OCD nor a person who is a foodie. World forbid, if you happen to marry an OCD, may be you change into one or change your partner into a lazy bum like you. And if you happen to marry a foodie, make him cook himself or you are Helpless!!!


Some of the things I got while learning to Cook( well! Still learning)

Protect your Finger

Place this next to your Washing Machine



72 thoughts on “Story of a spoiled Kid

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  1. Ha! My boyfriend constantly tell me I’m spoiled… I’m an only child and I don’t think I’m that bad, but he begs to differ, apparently 😉

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  2. Hey, Prasnavani! Ha! Thanks for sharing hard truths in a cheerful, humorous way! Well done. And you can rest assured, as I think you already do, that you are in good company. Well, you are in company, at least. And let’s just decide together that we are good people who are…struggling at the adulting thing. 😉

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  3. I was TOTALLY a spoiled kid!! My brother’s friends used to refer to my mom’s house as “sterile”… and I am wishing I inherited some of her qualities! What’s weird is that I do wish my home were more like hers, but I absolutely HATE cleaning and feel that my time off is better spent elsewhere. Thankfully my soon-to-be husband is also a spoiled kid, and we realize that we need to work to spoil each other. Maybe your OCD husband will realize that it’s a two way street, and if he wants perfection he better be willing to help!

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  4. Very humorous post! Some spoiling is good, but not all the time and in all ways. I try to mix spoiling my kids in with some work so they get the best of both worlds.

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