DIY Car kit to keep kids occupied

          You are ready to go on a road trip with your kid now. You have prepared a great plan, all perfect with timed stops for meal and coffee breaks. You have got your bag and your kid’s bag all packed. You have prepared a perfect set of songs for you and your travel mate to keep you relaxed while driving. Later that you realize what you would do to keep the kid occupied??? because if the kid gets cranky… Well! That is the end of your Happy Relaxing road trip.

So it is good if you make yourself armed with things to keep the kids occupied during travel, according to their interests of that time (since it keeps changing every couple of days)

Make a kit of a few stationery so that the kid can enjoy the road trip and keep you relaxed.

It is important to make the kit a stable and topple free one.

You can make a similar or a more sophisticated kit according to the kid’s needs and your creativity.

Here is an idea of the kit

silentgabber-Travel kid

All you need is

  • A board
  • Notepad
  • Double sided tape or Epoxy compound
  • Paper tape
  • Color Crayons/ Pencils
  • Paint and paint brush
  • And whatever the kid is into



Remember to align the color crayons and wrap paper tape or cling film on them so that they do not spill. And also teach the kid to place it properly inside after use.


Play Worksheets

Make a few Activity worksheets in a notepad and place in on the board so that when they get bored coloring and painting they can do some activity on these worksheets.

Some Ideas for Play Worksheets


Make sure to get an epoxy compound or a good double sided tape to stick the paint brush, pencils, notepad, crayon box and the paint box. So that after use they can keep it in place and it does not topple and create any mess in the car.


Toys are really important during the travel

It is a must to take the kid’s favorite toys. Functional toys if possible, since they keep the kids calm a minute or two longer. Stuffed toys are not that necessary since they occupy space and do not serve much of a purpose during travel. New toys may be a good suggestion. Since it might take a little longer for them to get bored.

*Smart devices like iPad,Tab,Phones are not a good idea while travelling. Because it makes kids cranky when the battery drains out and they are not interested in anything else thereafter.

Pack well before the trip. Make a list of all the things needed.

Check out the Toddler bag Essentials

And Happy Travelling!!!



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  1. We have a bin of toys in between the seats for our kids (they’re still little… only 2 and 3) When they get older I hope to try some ideas like these. Thanks for the tips!

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