DIY Car kit to keep kids occupied

You have prepared a perfect set of songs for you and your travel mate to keep you relaxed while driving. Later that you realize what you would do to keep the kid occupied??? because if the kid gets cranky... Well! That is the end of your Happy Relaxing road trip.

Kids need to know!

We love our kids so much that we live for them, our world revolves around them, we would shower them with a hundred kisses and yet the next moment we are ready to shower another hundred. It's important for us to support them in whatever they do from helping them take their first steps or... Continue Reading →

Story of a spoiled Kid

          Before I start rambling, you have to accept it people! I am not alone here, I believe most of you are with me under this category.           You may be a person who beams with pride, that you are a grown up independent woman, Self-thinking person... Continue Reading →

Toddler bag Essentials

          The kid is 1 year old and not a baby anymore so you think of making beach plans, a day at the Mall, Short trips or a week’s vacation. You think you don’t have to carry the huge diaper bag that you used all year around. Nope, you are wrong, It... Continue Reading →

Setting up your Home!

Envisage... Foresee… Predict… Planning is everything. Before moving in, if you are allowed to make some alterations in the house make good use of it. Ensure that there is room for every appliance and furniture you have and also for the furniture you wish to purchase in future. If you are getting new furniture, try... Continue Reading →

The First Books for your baby

          Reading is one of the important and easier ways to bond with your baby. It is never too early for your baby’s first books, because the baby enjoys the tone of your voice, sounds and it helps in developing the baby’s vocabulary as she grows. Even though the baby does... Continue Reading →

When a Pre-Schooler rants!

           The oven beeps, there is the sound of the washing machine, the blender and then goes mom’s favorite playlist in her mobile. The mom thinks she wakes up early and gives me time to sleep until she prepares breakfast but reality is, once she is out of the bed, the endless... Continue Reading →

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