Kids need to know!

We love our kids so much that we live for them, our world revolves around them, we would shower them with a hundred kisses and yet the next moment we are ready to shower another hundred. It’s important for us to support them in whatever they do from helping them take their first steps or choosing their wedding dress. But there are things in which we should make a stand. And those things have to be practiced from very early stages.


1. Sorry, Please and Thank you

These are the words a kid must learn to say voluntarily. This practice has to be initiated by us, parents. When kids see us using those words to each other they automatically start using them. If you feel that you are the Dad or Mom and your kid doesn’t have to say Sorry, Please or Thank you to you, then you are making a mistake in parenting.

2. May I

It is necessary for the kid to know the importance of asking for a permission. Mostly when the kid is outside the house. Start practicing from small things like asking you for their favorite stationery or toys or to get your permission to go play in the backyard. This would practice them to ask before they take.

sayNo silentgabber

3. Food

Big No! For spitting out food or dropping food on the floor. Make sure to teach the kid that spitting food is really bad. This can be done at a very early stage, even when they are on milk. A harsh No with a raised voice would do.

4. When you change

It is NOT okay for kids to be present while you change clothes, it’s applicable to both the mom and dad. Make it a practice to ask them to leave the room while you change and may come back after you are done. And later it will become a habit that the kid would leave the place when you change even without you asking to.

silentgabber tying-shoes-lace

5. Shoes and Bags

It is okay for kids to carry their own bags and put on their own shoes (when they start to).  And later as they grow up, make them pack their own bags. This would teach them to be independent and most importantly, responsible.

6. Excuse me

Kids must have the habit of covering up their mouth while they cough or sneeze every time. They can also be taught to turn away from food or a person beside while they cough or sneeze. Make them to understand that burps and farts are disrespectful. And it is a must to make it a practice to say ‘excuse me’ when they sneeze, cough, burp or fart.


8. Dust bin

Making use of the dustbin more important since it needs practice. It has to be started just after the time they start walking. Parents need to take the initiative and be an example for the kids to learn.

These are some of the first things a kid must learn to grow up to be a well-mannered person.



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  1. I agree with most of these. And I definitely agree that it’s best to teach your values from a young age. However, I think it is totally ok for my toddler to be in the room when I change clothes. And it would not matter if she were a boy. I think it is important in creating a healthy body image.
    But yeah, please and thank you ALL DAY.

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    1. Thanks for the comment.. and about the ‘changing’. It is not about body image.. it is about teaching the kid to give personal space.. you might be okay with your kid but if you have your own sister or any friend visit home, they might not feel the same way you do.. so it’s about teaching the kid to give the “space”


  2. Lovely read. I have to admit training a child on the best habits at times it’s not easy but its a necessity not only for the child but the society as a whole. Luckily enough, we have different ways we can use to train them. One tool my parents used and I use on my daughter is through the television. I remember my dad bringing video cassettes and at the end of the movie he would ask what we leant. Got fond memories from Alice in wonderland and many other Disney movies.

    Some of the best Disney movies have been elaborated here

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  3. I agree with most of these but they seem like basic things I think most parents would teach their children… sadly I know some will not, but it’s seems fairly common sense…

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