Ideas to decorate your Home- DIY

You have chosen your dream house, you have spent loads on painting and furnishing… Now you move in and think about decorating your home. Ever thought of doing some DIY home decor??

Here are ideas for some inspiration. Just take it as an idea and try to give your own personal touch.

home decor           When you have wires running on the wall that looks odd for your room. Cut out black birds and stick them over the wires. This will look like the silhouette of a bird on the line. Later when older people in the family visit your home and have a look at this, your kids are sure to get an ‘in those days these birds were…’ stories.

silent gabber


Fill beads or crystals of your choice in your favorite containers and use them as a vase. I use crochet flowers/paper flowers. Make use of the little wine bottles, if you are a person who collects them. I got these glass oil containers as a gift. I was so sure that I would break them in a week’s time so just turned them into vases and kept them safe. You can paint or even stick colored tape to decorate these bottles.

IMG_4175          Give a lively look to your window. Grow money plants, they just need water and make them creep over your window’s grill. You need to change the water just once in two weeks. And now you have a quite lively corner in your home to enjoy your book. You can grow them in glass bottles or even in your favorite mug and place them in your work station too.

silent gabber

Glass paint does wonders!

          Use Glass paint to paint your glass jars according to your preference and fill them with flowers or plants.


          Why spend a lot on paintings for your wall??? Pick a photo frame, and paint your own picture using glass paint. Get help from the kids at home. Just some splash of colors and you will have a great expensive looking painting made at home. Thanks to Glass paint!


Make little Photo frames from any ring shaped object you find. Wrap any type of yarn or colored tape or fabric over the ring and stick your pictures behind (I have crocheted). IMG_20170317_114322

Make use of old magazines. Make baskets by rolling paper into a stick and paste them to make baskets of your desired size and shape. Paint it to match your room or furniture.

These are some of the ideas I have done to my home. If you are a creative person, then you would do wonders.

Come on… stop spending on home decors and start making them yourself!!!

Some of the things you may need to DIY


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  1. Decorating a house that is truly close to your heart is so important. I didn’t realize it when I was younger. But now I get it. Decoration and loved ones make a house into a home.

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